Snacks you can serve with wine

Whilst everyone agrees that a glass (or a bottle!) can be enjoyed without anything else we love pairing our wines with snacks particularly if we unexpected guests arrive and a full meal is not on the agenda. Next time you open a bottle why not try pairing your wine with a snack such as:

  • Olives (we like the Spanish variety but go with your own preference)
  • Chocolate (a good quality dark chocolate is amazing with a strong red)
  • Cheese (try a good Manchego with a good Rioja or high quality goats cheese with Tempranillo)
  • Bread (bread from the same country as your wine is always a good place to start)
  • Nuts (cashews are surprisingly good with most white wines)
  • Grapes – it’s always nice to remind a grape what it could have won!

If you have a suggestion don’t forget to comment and let us know your personal favourites.